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Why Clearcover?
How does Clearcover keep my money safe?
What is "smarter" car insurance?
Is your coverage as good as the Big Insurance companies?
How do I know you'll be around if I need to file a claim?
What does a Customer Advocate do?

There’s a big problem in car insurance - almost every insurance company spends way too much money on things that customers don’t need. Then they overcharge their customers to cover all those expenses. That didn’t work for us, so we fixed things.

We use advanced technology to deliver fast, easy customer experiences and eliminate the cost of old, expensive systems. We also only focus on moments when insurance actually matters, so we can provide great insurance without spending billions on Super Bowl ads, celebrity endorsements, or old-school sales tactics. And the money we save gets passed on to you, so you get great car insurance for a lot less money.

Traditional insurance companies waste billions of dollars every year maintaining outdated, manual processes and buying your attention with expensive marketing campaigns. And they do all of this with your money. So, we built a new insurance company that uses technology to be more efficient and focuses on moments when insurance actually matters. That way, you only pay for what you need - the right coverage, at the right price, when it really matters.

No. On average, most insurance companies look at risk in similar ways, so the pricing differences you see between companies often has less to do with the risk to insure you and more to do with how much each company spends on marketing, IT, and people to fill up their office. And since we spend less on those things, many of our customers get the same, or better, coverage for less money.

Yes, and in many ways, it’s better. In addition to offering all of the traditional coverages you need, we also built new coverages that make more sense for today’s drivers.

For example, we offer Alternate Transportation Coverage in place of traditional Rental coverage. So instead of forcing you to rent a car while your vehicle is being repaired, we give you cash and let you decide how to get around. We also offer affordable coverage for ridesharing drivers that helps fill important coverage gaps. Finally, we built in lower rates for vehicles with advanced safety or self-driving features.

At Clearcover, “moments that matter” means two things.

One, we’ll be there when you need us, like when you’ve been in an accident or have questions about your coverage. We offer modern tools in our mobile app and personal assistance through our team of Customer Advocates to make sure your insurance experiences are simple and transparent.

Two, we won’t bother you during moments when you don’t need us. We understand you have more exciting things to think about than insurance, so we’ll only talk to you about it when it’s actually relevant - like when you’re buying a car, shopping for better rates, or researching ways to improve your finances.

By choosing not to spend your hard earned money where insurance isn’t important - like on billboards, celebrities, and Super Bowl commercials - we save money. Then we pass that savings on to you, so that you get great coverage at lower prices.

Yes! We live in a mobile world, and we think that dealing with car insurance shouldn’t be any different. You can download our app at the App Store or via Google Play.

The short answer is we use advanced technology to help you get better insurance, faster, and for less money. Then, once you’re a customer, we support you with a user experience designed for the needs of modern drivers.

Our industry-leading mobile app lets you file claims directly from your phone so you can get paid faster. Features like our Quick View ID Card ensure your policy information is always at your fingertips - even if your phone doesn’t have service.

Lastly, we know that if you’re interacting with your insurance company, it’s likely because something bad has happened - like an accident. So we’re constantly working to refine our claims experience to make sure that when you do need us, it’ll be as painless as possible.

We use artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions. An example of this is SmartCover™, our AI-based coverage recommendation tool. We trained SmartCover™ using millions of insurance data points to create an algorithm that helps you select your coverages and limits, making finding the right insurance through Clearcover quick and easy.

Clearcover has partnered with a highly rated insurance carrier, Response Indemnity Company of California. This carrier is owned by Fortegra Financial Corporation and rated A-, or excellent, by A.M. Best, the leading rating agency for insurance companies’ financial strength and stability. We’re also backed by a global reinsurance company with over $200 billion in assets.

Additionally, our team has extensive experience in the insurance industry. Most of us have come from large carriers like Allstate, Farmers, and American Family in areas such as actuarial, underwriting, claims, and customer service.

Our experience, combined with our partners’ experience and financial strength, means that you can feel confident choosing Clearcover.

Clearcover protects your money in two ways.

One, our payment processing partners have the highest level of PCI compliance. This means we keep your payment information, your credit card information, and all of your personal information safe.

Two, we partner with an A+ rated reinsurer with over $200 billion in assets to ensure there’s always enough money to pay for claims.

At Clearcover, Customer Advocates make sure that, when you need help, someone will be there for you. We understand that auto insurance can be confusing. That’s why our team is ready to help you select and manage your coverage and provide guidance and support if you need to file a claim.

Absolutely! The reason is our people. They’re smart. They’re empathetic. They’re keenly aware of the challenges that face customers, and they’re deeply committed to our purpose; to make sure you get the right coverage, in the moments that matter, and pay less

Getting insured with Clearcover usually takes a few minutes or less, depending on how many drivers and cars you need to cover. It can be even faster if you come to us through one of our partners. While many companies let you start the quoting process online, only to ask you to call an agent, with Clearcover you can quote and purchase in minutes through our easy-to-use online experience.

Of course! Clearcover loves our rideshare driver customers so much, we created a special kind of coverage to make sure you’re protected. While other car insurance companies might deny you coverage when you’re on the clock, Clearcover’s Ridesharing endorsement protects you during Period 1, a time that some ridesharing employers neglect to cover, leaving you exposed to risk.

The best part? It only costs around $10 more per month. So turn on your app, grab the wheel and go. We’ve got you covered.

We only offer car insurance right now, but if you need renters or homeowners coverage, we can help you find it through one of our partners.

We believe everyone deserves a low rate. So, we took most of the things that big insurance companies only offer as discounts and made them a standard part of our pricing. Things like safe driving, vehicle safety features, electronic documents, and paying in advance still save you a bunch of money, but with Clearcover you don’t have to worry about finding or selecting discounts - they are built right into your price.

You can cancel your old insurance policy any time. Just reach out to your old insurance company and let them know you’d like to cancel (since you’ve found a smarter option). Our team of Customer Advocates can also help with this process.

You received this notice via email and/or certified mail because there was an issue with your most recent payment. Please contact us immediately to make your payment and keep your policy active.

You can reach us at, via chat through your Clearcover App, or via phone 855-444-1875. We encourage you to contact us immediately after receiving the notice or you are in danger of being uninsured.

This might be our least favorite question, but we understand that Clearcover can’t be the right fit for everyone. You can cancel your policy by calling us at 855-444-1875 or emailing us at

You don’t need to do anything… just sit back and relax. Your policy renews automatically every 6 months using the payment information you have on file.

We’re sorry to hear that your rate was increased. We strive to provide the lowest possible prices to our customers but due to a variety of factors, rates can sometimes change.

At the end of each policy term, we review information related to your insurance application, including your current public driving record and vehicle history, to renew your policy. There are about 30 factors used to calculate your price and occasionally changes in circumstance related to those factors can impact your rate.

Sometimes, even if you receive a rate increase, Clearcover will still be the lowest rate available. Email us at to discuss this further.

45 days prior to your policy renewing, we review a variety of information including your current public driving record, vehicle status and payment history.

Depending on what was flagged, you did not qualify for renewal. The letter you received should cite the specific issue.

We do not sell 12-month term policies at this time. We will notify you if this changes.

To change your payment information on file, you can call us at 855-444-1875, chat with us via your Clearcover app or email support@clearcover.

Unfortunately, at this time we’re unable to modify payment dates. If you’re paying monthly, you will be charged every 30 days starting from the first day of your insurance policy.

If you choose to pay in full, you will be charged every six months, starting from the first day of your insurance policy.

Yes, we make it easy so you don’t have to waste any time on ensuring you’re properly covered with the right car insurance. Your policy will automatically renew on auto-pay to another 6-month term with the original payment terms you chose.

Your new policy information and ID card can be found in your Clearcover app. It will automatically display your new ID on the first day of your new policy. Please email us at to request a mailed copy of your policy and ID card(s).

Call 911. If the accident is serious or someone has been injured, call 911 first. Make sure people are safe and the police are notified before doing anything else.

If you can, take photos of the driver’s licenses and insurance cards of anyone else involved in the accident. You can do this in your Clearcover app or using your phone’s camera app. These photos help speed up the claims process.

If you can, take any relevant photos of the scene or the vehicles involved. These also help speed up the claims process and can be helpful in determining who caused the accident.

If your vehicle is being towed from the scene, make sure you know where it is being taken. The police at the scene may coordinate the tow. It’s important that you ask where they’re taking the vehicle to expedite your claim and/or repair.

When it’s safe, you can start the claims process. View details on how to start the claims process with Clearcover in the sections below.

If you are a Clearcover customer, we offer three ways to file a claim:

  1. Via our app; The Clearcover app allows you to file a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Click “Claims” and follow the simple instructions to report the claim. A claims representative will contact you within 24 hours to set expectations and discuss the specific details of your claim.
  2. Via email; You can reach out to our Customer Advocates via email at
  3. Via phone (855) 444-1875; The Clearcover Customer Advocate team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 9 PM Central Standard Time.

If you were involved in an accident with a Clearcover customer, please contact us via phone at (855) 444-1875. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 9 PM Central Standard Time.

If you have our Roadside coverage, we can help in two ways:

  1. Via our app; Click “Roadside Assistance” and follow the simple instructions. You’ll be able to track the service provider while they are en-route to assist you.
  2. Via phone (855) 444-1875; After calling, select “Claims”, then “Roadside Assistance” from the provided menu. Honk, our roadside assistance partner, is available 24/7/365 to help you.

A “Glass Damage Only” claim is exactly what it sounds like - any incident that only results in damage to glass on your vehicle. This includes windshields, windows, or sunroofs.

If this happens, we can help in two ways:

  1. Via our app: Click “Claims” and then select “Glass Damage Only”.
  2. Via phone (855) 444-1875: Select “Claims”, then select “Glass Only Claims” from the provided menu. Safelite, our glass partner, will take all the required information to resolve your glass issue.

If you’re using the Clearcover app, we’ll walk you through the process. Typically you’ll need:

  1. The incident location, date, and time
  2. Photos of your vehicle, other vehicles, the licenses and insurance cards of any other people involved, and/or any police reports that were filed as a result of the incident. You can take these photos in the Clearcover app or upload photos you took while at the scene of the incident.

If you’re filing the claim via email or over the phone, you’ll also need your policy number to get started.

  1. Filing a claim. To get the claims process started, use the Clearcover app or contact us via phone or email. We’ll collect a few details about the incident so we can get things moving.
  2. Determine coverage eligibility. Our team will check to make sure your incident is covered and that an insurance claim is the best path forward towards resolution.
  3. Estimate losses. For most claims, we’ll need to estimate the damages or amount of the loss in order to make sure you get paid correctly.
  4. Resolve claim. Once we understand the incident and damages, we’ll get to work resolving your claim. This may happen immediately or include negotiations or legal proceedings, depending on the type of claim.

An estimate is an assessment of the cost to repair damaged property. The estimate will usually include parts, labor, and any other charges associated with the repair of your property.

The amount of time to complete an estimate depends on the damage and circumstances of the loss, but if you file a claim by uploading photos through our app, we can usually finish within 3-4 hours after photos are submitted.

Clearcover’s repair process is flexible and designed to make your life easier. Once you have your estimate, you won’t be pressured to use one of our preferred repair facilities. You can take your vehicle wherever you want.

Sometimes additional damage is found as damaged parts are removed for repair. This is common to the insurance industry and known as a “supplement”. Your estimate outlines the way your repair facility can file a supplement through our estimating partner Snapsheet.

Yes, you are still obligated to pay your deductible, even if you’re not at fault. The good news is that we can pursue your deductible from the at-fault driver during the subrogation process and, possibly, get your money back.

Your vehicle will be considered a "total loss" if it cannot be repaired safely, if repairing the vehicle is not economically practical (meaning the cost of repairs exceeds the actual cash value of the vehicle), or if state regulations require us to consider it a total loss.

If your policy covers a total loss, we’ll pay the actual cash value of the vehicle minus any deductible. We also may take ownership of the totaled vehicle (sometimes we can sell these to recover costs).

Each claim is unique, and there are many factors that influence how long your claim will take. Your claims representative will ensure we resolve your auto claim as efficiently as possible. Giving them all the necessary details and documentation will help your claim get approved and paid more quickly.

Depending on the type of claim, we’ll transfer funds directly to your bank account or mail you a check.

Not necessarily. Our insurance is there to help you when you need it. Certain things that result in claims, like at-fault accidents or violations, are considered in determining your premium, but simply filing a claim doesn't mean we'll increase your rate.

If your vehicle is unusable due to a covered claim, instead of forcing you to rent a vehicle through your insurance company, we'll give you money so you can decide how to get around – carpooling, using ridesharing services, taking public transportation, or renting a car from a company of your choice. It’s all about flexibility.

This is a rare occurrence but can happen when a claim involves a legal dispute. If this happens, you should notify your claims representative and they will ensure an attorney responds on your behalf.

The Littleton Group is our claims partner. They support the claims process and have a track record of delivering excellent customer service. For certain kinds of claims, they’ll be part of the team dedicated to resolving your claim and getting you back on the road.

Honk, our Roadside Assistance partner, has over 56,000 service providers nationwide and is a trusted way to find and order Roadside Assistance 24/7 from the web, a mobile phone, or tablet. We partnered with Honk to connect you with convenient and immediate support in the event of something unexpected.

Our glass partner Safelite makes fixing glass damage fast and easy with 24/7 online booking, live representatives available 365 days a year, and convenient scheduling. They also complete repairs where it’s convenient for you - work, home or another location of your choice.

Our partner Snapsheet speeds up the claims process by using proprietary technology to enable photo estimation and virtual inspection. By allowing you to submit photos using your phone, they help us deliver fast, accurate estimates and better claims experiences.

Fortegra Financial Corporation is our insurance carrier partner. Fortegra and its subsidiaries comprise a single-source insurance services provider that offers a range of consumer protection options including warranty solutions, credit insurance, and specialty underwriting programs. Delivering multifaceted coverage with an unmatched service experience for domestic and international partners and their customers, Fortegra solves immediate, everyday needs, empowering consumers to worry less and Experience More.

Clearcover insurance policies are underwritten by Response Indemnity Company of California. Response Indemnity Company of California is a California-domiciled property and casualty insurance company providing automobile and other property insurance in the state of California. The company's product lines include personal auto, collateral protection on real estate and automobiles and other credit property products. Response Indemnity Company of California is rated A- (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Co. and is part of the Fortegra family of companies. Its headquarters are in Jacksonville, FL.

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