Alternate Transportation

What is it?

Alternate Transportation coverage is there to help you get around if your vehicle is unusable due to a covered incident. We’ll give you money so you can decide how to get around – carpooling, using ridesharing services, taking public transportation, or renting a car from a company of your choice. This coverage has two parts (e.g. $30/$900) – the first number is the amount we’ll cover per day, the second number is the maximum amount we’ll pay for a single incident.

Do I need it?

This is an optional coverage but provides more flexibility than traditional rental coverage offered by other insurance companies.

What is NOT covered?

For a covered incident, there are no limitations on what you can use the funds for, up to your coverage limits.

Example scenario

Tom rear-ended Susan. Tom's vehicle is taken to a shop for repairs. Tom's Alternate Transportation coverage provides him with funds to get around while his vehicle is repaired. Tom can choose to rent a vehicle, use Uber/Lyft, borrow a neighbor's car, etc. Tom’s neighbor may want to reconsider loaning Tom his car...