Bodily Injury Liability

What is it?

When you are found legally responsible for a covered incident, Bodily Injury Liability coverage pays for the costs associated with injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, or passengers in your own vehicle. This coverage has two parts (e.g. $50,000/$100,000) – the first number represents the maximum amount, or “limit,” we will pay per person in a single incident; the second number represents the maximum amount that we will pay per incident regardless of the number of injured parties.

Do I need it?

Yes. Bodily Injury Liability coverage is required by most states.

What is NOT covered?

Your own medical expenses or lost income due to an incident you cause

Example Scenario

Tom rear-ended Susan. Susan sustained a back injury as a result of the accident. Tom's bodily injury coverage pays for Susan's medical expenses, up to the limits on his policy. Susan is still mad at Tom.