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Designed to provide the right coverage, when it matters, so you can pay less.

big insurance wasteful

*Last year, the 10 largest insurance companies spent $5 Billion on advertising alone.

Big insurance companies waste your money.

With traditional car insurance, your monthly payment covers some things you need – like claims if you get in an accident – and a lot of things you don’t need, like:

  • Outdated technology
  • Excessive advertising
  • Junk mail
  • Mascots and celebrities

You deserve a better option.

Clearcover saves you money by eliminating wasteful spending. We use advanced technology and only focus on moments when insurance matters so you don’t have to pay for things you don’t need.


Technology that makes your life easier.

You live in a mobile world. Your car insurance company should too. Clearcover helps you find the right coverage, purchase a policy, and file claims – all from your phone.

Support when you need it

Most people don’t like thinking about insurance, but sometimes you need to – like when you’ve been in an accident or have questions about your coverage. In those moments, our team of Customer Advocates is there to help.

Kristin J. Customer Advocate

Insurance designed for
today’s drivers

Better app. Faster claims.

With Clearcover’s easy-to-use mobile app, you can start the claims process immediately and get paid faster.

Get around, your way.

With Clearcover’s Alternate Transportation coverage, if you’re in a covered accident and can’t use your car, we’ll give you money so you can choose how to get around – rent a car, ride your bike, or grab an Uber or Lyft.

Rideshare friendly.

If you use your car for ridesharing, there can be dangerous gaps in your traditional insurance policy. Clearcover’s affordable Ridesharing coverage helps fill these gaps, ensuring you’re protected on and off the clock.

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