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How we’re doing

We take pride in being recognized for treating our employees well and being named to the 2022 Inc 5000 list.

Who’s at Clearcover?

We believe that employee satisfaction starts with creating a supportive and inclusive environment where every employee feels welcome, no matter their personal or professional backgrounds. We are looking for candidates who are excited to nurture an inclusive environment and who will add to our incredible culture.

  • 23% 20-29 yrs
  • 47% 30-39 yrs
  • 22% 40-49 yrs
  • 6% 50-59 yrs
  • 2% 60+ yrs
  • 10% Asian
  • 16% Black
  • 54% Caucasian
  • 12% Hispanic
  • 4% Multiple/Other
  • 4% Nondisclosed
  • 47% Female
  • 53% Male
  • 88% Recommend to a Friend

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