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Texas car insurance requirements

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the stretches of highway. With the most roadway of any state and over 15 million licensed drivers, Texas is one of the top places to drive in the country (1,2).

Driving insured in Texas is required by law—but it’s smart, too.

Your car insurance doesn't have to involve a lot of paperwork (or be complicated and costly). In fact, at Clearcover Insurance Company, we’re on a mission to make car insurance in Texas hassle-free—all while getting you the most coverage at the best price.

Want to know what kind of coverage you need or what you’d pay for car insurance in Texas? Test out our Texas car insurance calculator for coverages above or get a quick quote.

In this guide, we’ve also put together almost everything you need to know about getting car insurance in Texas—including how quotes are calculated, car insurance discounts, what to ask insurance agents, and more.

How Texas car insurance quotes are calculated

Each car insurance quote is based on your specific car insurance needs.

You can get a better understanding of your car insurance needs with the car insurance calculator for Texas coverages.

Here’s what can be used to calculate car insurance quotes in Texas:

  • Your vehicle
  • A credit-based insurance score
  • Where you live in Texas
  • The amount you drive

Calculate your fast and accurate quote today.

What you need to know about Texas car insurance requirements

The car insurance coverages you’re required to carry by law depends on what state you’re in. Take a look below to discover the requirements for the Lone Star State.

Texas minimum car insurance coverage requirements

Clearcover goes beyond the basics and state minimums to get you more coverage at a better price.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

The Bodily Injury Liability coverage requirement in Texas is a minimum of $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident. If you cause an accident, this coverage protects other people and pays toward their medical bills.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

The Property Damage Liability coverage requirement in Texas is a minimum of $25,000 per accident. When you’re at fault in an accident, this coverage protects other people’s vehicles and property.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

The Personal Injury Protection coverage requirement in Texas is a minimum of $2,500 and is required unless you reject it in writing. Commonly referred to as PIP in the insurance industry, this coverage helps pay for your medical bills and other expenses—regardless of who caused the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage and Uninsured/Underinsured Property Damage Coverage

If you’re in an accident caused by someone who does not have—or does not have enough—insurance to cover your medical and car repair bills, these two separate coverages can help pay for your expenses. In Texas, you’re able to reject one or both of the Uninsured Motorist coverages in writing, but doing so can remove crucial protections. Most Texas drivers purchase these coverages, since an estimated 20% of Texas drivers are uninsured.

Note: These numbers are the minimum insurance requirements for Texas drivers—and below, we’ll cover why that’s key in your search for the best car insurance policy.

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Additional car insurance coverages available in Texas

Clearcover goes beyond the basics and state minimums to get you more coverage at a better price.

The following additional coverages are offered in Texas by Clearcover:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Medical Payments (MedPay)
  • Roadside Assistance Coverage
  • Alternative Transportation Coverage

If you haven’t already, you can help determine your car insurance needs with our Texas car insurance calculator for coverages. Already know what level of coverage you want? Get a quote now. (It’s fast and easy.)

What else you should know about Texas minimum car insurance coverage requirements:

It’s crucial to consider if your state’s minimum insurance requirements are enough coverage for you. But why?

Sometimes a basic policy that includes only state-required minimum coverages doesn’t offer the best financial protection. In fact, if you’ve ever been in a car accident and had to file an insurance claim, you may know this from experience. Not having enough coverage could cost you a lot of money in the long run!


When shopping for car insurance, first think about the coverages you need—and then find the best price for those coverages. (Luckily, Clearcover uses smart technology to save you money on car insurance. Estimate your coverage now.)

If you want to make sure you have the best coverage for your situation and budget, connect with one of our trusted Texas car insurance agents for more help.

Important Texas driving laws and quick resources for Texas drivers

Looking for the best car insurance in your new state? Get easy-to-understand, reliable car insurance—all within an award-winning app.

Texas proof of insurance requirements

In Texas, you must carry proof that you’re insured (in the form of an up-to-date insurance card) and be able to present it when requested by law enforcement.

A digital version of an insurance card is acceptable in the Lone Star State. Clearcover customers conveniently have their auto insurance card always available and up-to-date in the Clearcover app—wherever you are and whatever vehicle you’re driving.

Car insurance is required by law in Texas, and if you don’t have an insurance policy attached to your vehicle’s VIN, you may be contacted by the state to provide manual verification through the TexasSure car insurance verification system (3).

Driving laws for Texas teens

Remember that moment when you were ready to hit the road for the first time? Driving is a milestone most teens and their families look forward to for what feels like forever. In Texas, the insurance requirements remain the same for teen and adult drivers, but there are important driving restrictions for teens that their families need to keep in mind.

In your state, teen drivers can start their driver’s education in the classroom as early as 14. Texas teens can get a learner’s license as early as 15, and then they must complete a driver’s education course, a set number of driving hours with a parent, and additional testing before a state provisional driver’s license is issued (4).

Families have three state-approved options for teen drivers’ education: 1. An education course through a certified driving school 2. Driving education that’s parent-taught 3. A driver’s education course offered in a public school

Are you getting your teen ready to hit the road? The Clearcover guide to Car Insurance for Teens—Tips to Keep Them Safe and Protected can help. And for additional information on Texas teen driving requirements and restrictions, consult the Texas Department of Public Safety if needed (4).

Here’s what you need to know as a new Texas driver

If you’ve just moved to Texas, you have 30 days to complete your Texas vehicle registration and transfer titles. You must have your vehicle inspected and show proof of car insurance at the time of the inspection. (If you still have an out-of-state policy insurance policy, you’ll need to prove it meets Texas’ minimum requirements.) If you need more information, see the Texas Division of Motor Vehicles (5).

To begin the process of updating your driver’s license to your new state of residence, you’ll need to apply through the Texas Department of Public Safety (6).

Looking for the best car insurance in your new state? Get easy-to-understand, reliable car insurance—all within an award-winning app. Calculate your price now.

Car insurance quotes in Texas:
What to consider

So you’ve reviewed the minimum car insurance requirements for Texas (as well as any additional coverages you need for your specific situation), and now you’re ready to gather car insurance quotes.

Here’s where Clearcover comes in.

Getting a quote with Clearcover is simple, fast, and hassle-free—just the way car insurance should be. We use smart technology to make checking your price as speedy as possible.

Or try out our Texas car insurance calculator for coverages to get started.


What to consider in a car insurance quote

To get a better idea of your specific car insurance needs, use the car insurance calculator for coverages above first.

Ultimately—wherever you’re getting car insurance quotes from and whichever insurer you end up choosing (we hope you choose us!)—there are things you need to consider when reviewing car insurance quotes in Texas.

  1. Are Texas’ minimum insurance requirements enough protection for me, my budget, and my assets? (Usually not, but every situation is different. And this is where connecting with an experienced car insurance agent can help you determine what’s right for you.)
  2. Am I simply getting quotes for the cheapest car insurance in Texas? Or am I getting the most coverage for the best price—an ideal quote that fits my specific coverage needs and budget?
  3. What car insurance discounts are available in Texas? (More on that below!)
  4. When considering car insurance companies in Texas, how long does it take for claims to resolve and for customers to receive payment? (Clearcover’s current record for fastest claims resolution and payment is in less than 30 minutes—and our current record is 7 minutes.)

Once you’ve gathered quotes to compare, make sure to touch base with a professional if needed to determine what’s right for you. (Our Texas car insurance agents are included below.)

Texas car insurance discounts

Many insurance discounts are specific to your state. Here are just a few of the car insurance discounts in Texas we offer to Clearcover customers.

(For the full list of discounts available to drivers in Texas, check out our Texas Car Insurance Costs + Driver Discounts resource.)

Note: Specific rules determine your discount eligibility. Eligibility cannot be determined based on the descriptions provided of discounts below.

Good Driver Discount

Consider yourself a great driver? If you meet certain driving history and age requirements, you could qualify for this additional discount.

Anti-Lock Brake Discount

Have a factory-installed Anti-Lock Braking System in your automobile? This could be an easy discount earned.

Good Student Discount

Will there be a studious driver on your policy between 16 and 24? If you or your student meet certain academic standards, you could be eligible.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Insuring multiple vehicles and drivers with Clearcover? You could qualify.

Military Discount

This one’s to honor those who are on active duty, serving in the Guard/Reserves, a junior or senior cadet of a military academy, or a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Texas Defensive Driver Discount

For drivers in Texas who are 50 and up and complete qualifying driving safety courses. Knowledge is power!

By the way, we automatically apply any discounts available to you when you get a Clearcover quote. No need to call us or do anything special—we’ll give you any discount you’re eligible for. It’s really as simple as that.

Find car insurance agents near you

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Connect with one of our Clearcover car insurance agents in Texas.

We work with several trusted Texas car insurance agents who can help you understand your current coverage, find the right coverage for your budget, and explore discounts.

Check out some of our top-performing agents in Texas below.

Bonus: These Clearcover Certified agents can help you with more than just your car insurance needs.

Abraham Padron

We give you the personal attention you deserve. We take great pride in putting our customers first.

Rahim Virani

Owned and staffed by Texans, our mission is to provide the very best value to our customers as we help them navigate the complex maze of insurance and risk management.

Questions to ask car insurance agents

There are a few key questions you should ask your insurance agent about your current policy and coverage. (Be sure to ask these questions about any quotes you receive, too.)

  1. What does my auto insurance policy currently cover?
  2. What’s not currently covered in my auto insurance policy?
  3. What is covered (or not covered) if I’m in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance—or doesn’t have enough insurance?
  4. Is there anything I’m not considering in my car insurance coverage that could be a liability down the road if there’s an accident?
  5. How much coverage is enough coverage for me?
  6. Can you tell me what qualifies for a bundle discount?
  7. I’ve heard about umbrella policies. Can you tell me more about that?

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